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DancingEach January at International Family Magazine we celebrate the wise elders of our life. It has been our goal here at IF Mag to not only bring into focus the real families of the world in all their multi-culturalism and multi-defintions, but also all the ages and parts of the family be it the Aunt and Grandpa. But especially here at IF Mag we want to spotlight the seniors who seem to become increasingly lost to us through urban migration, centralization of the family and the world’s obsession with everything young.

Each day, we walk past someone in their 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and we should nod in sacred honor of their heroic survivalism. Wow, they made it in this murky thing called life! And if they don’t look too busy, we might ask them to tell us just how they did it.

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Please note: To read the Korean article, the Korean character-set must be installed on your computer.

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