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BLACK LINE Father's Stories
Brooke Allen began writing stories for his school newspaper in high school, for his literary magazine in college, and most recently for his children. He has a BA in mathematics and is a great believer in writing things down -- proofs and prose. He has been a teacher, speaker, computer programmer, and entrepreneur.

Mr. Allen lives in Glen Ridge, New Jersey with his wife, Eve, and two sons, Davis and Glen.

He would love to hear from you at

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"Best Interest"
April 2009

March 2009

"TV Fatality"
February 2009

"Can You Afford It?"
January 2009


December 2008

"Trade or Profession"
October issue

September issue

August Issue

July issue

June issue

"Three Phase Theory"
May Issue

"Great Grandfather - Great Grandmother - Great Depression"
April issue

"What to Think About How to Think"
March issue

"My Good Name"
February issue

"Mother Love"
"Arisugawa Park"
January issue


"Party Time"
December Issue

"Mourning a Best Friend"
October Issue

"Mr Rieur"
September Issue

"Learning How to Land a Job" and
"Sally Would be Proud of Me"

August Issue

"Past Love" and "Science Takes a Look at Love"
July Issue

"Advice for Grandchildren"
June Issue

"The Magical Power of Imagination"
May Issue

"College Thinking"
April Issue

"Environmentalist, Get Thee to an Editor"
March Issue

"Imagine a Future"
February Issue

January Issue


"Holiday Remembrances"
December Issue

"Tricky Economics"
November Issue

"Shortness of Breath - Shortness of Time"
October Issue

"Everyone Knows Father Moran" and
"How to Leave a Legacy"

September Issue

"How To Complain To The Government" and
"How to Respond to a Citizen"

August Issue

"How I Learned to Wiggle My Ears"
July Issue

"Mowing the Lawn"
June Issue

"Generations of Stories"
"How Grandmother Won Granddad in a Beauty Contest" and
"The Right Woman"

May Issue

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