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Grandma Ellen

Introducing a regular column by our wonderful Ellen Blaustein, Maryland, USA. Ellen spent 2006 with us writing global pen pal letters (see Lifestyle section) to her dear friend Joy in Berne, Switzerland. Please welcome her again as she becomes our resident senior voice and storyteller.

Grandma Ellen Ellen Baron is a wife, mother and grandmother who has had three distinctive careers:
1) as an editor at an educational laboratory;
2) as a businesswoman who ran a private-label group at Black & Decker, and then served as Director of Marketing for a consumer electronics start-up company; and
3) as an academic administrator who was director of a post-baccalaureate business program.

Her 'Just Jobs' (as opposed to "Careers") included piano teacher and French tutor (her undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis having been in French).

Now retired from both careers and jobs, Ellen serves on the Maryland State Attorney Grievance Commission, as well as the Boards of several non-profits. She has lived in England, Switzerland and Germany, as well as St. Louis, Boston, a suburb of Washington, D.C., and, now, Baltimore, MD.

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