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From Hungary to Inwood

Claire Hall

My Life in England

Celebrating Pia Harden

European Family Mags and Sites

Check out Anne Frank
(Museum of Anne Frank in Amsterdam)

Une Revue de

The Heart & Face of Albania

Check out ElzaZagreda
(Albanian Playwright)
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Une Revue de Commencez

Thoughts from the Heart, My Life In Gambia
(Susan Karim, Iraq woman living in Scotland)

Christmas in Italy
( Fiona Tankard in Italy)

Check out Ebay
Une Revue de

Check out
Une Revue de

Making the Rounds
(Healthcare orgs in Europe)

Check out Tango Magazine

Young Minds Magazine
(UK support for Teens)



Elizabeth Griffin and family

Elizabeth Griffin

I moved to Italy 15 years ago. Or really, I came to Italy on vacation in 1992 and decided to stay. I met my husband, from central Italy months later. We live outside Trieste, on the border between Italy and Slovenia in the far NE corner of the country. We send our sons (ages 7 and almost 9) to a school in the Slovene language. The Italian public school system in the area offers schools in Slovene, a rule left over from the post WWII era that has somehow remained in place. We are raising our children in a tri-lingual environment, one language of which only the children speak, not mommy and daddy.

I work as Director of the Italian American Assoc of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia and write in my spare time, that is, from 3-5 am.

"Spring's Offering" "Dono di Primavera"

"The Piazza"
"La Piazza"
"Alma" "Alma Al Cimitero"

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