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in travel, we see things that are strange, wondrous and different. But after a second look they become more of the same of what we already know – people needing food and shelter, animals living amongst people and in the wild, fantastic nature and weather, architecture and art that tells the tales of history, customs, culture and ritual. Travel at first opens our eyes and then our minds.

We do not all travel ourselves. Although a great adventure, sometimes there is not the time, the money, nor is it safe. Here at International Family Magazine we wanted to create a department that would allow our readers the experience of travel whether as a memory or a first experience. We hope these pages become your own virtual journey around the world.

Diane Ambur
Life in a Namibian Village

Jo Ann Tomaselli
Travel to Sweden and Denmark

Jim Zuckerman
stunning photographs of life in Africa.

Ernest Tiemann
as he photographically tours Japan.

Jessica Long
as she takes us around Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.
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