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International Adoption

The Kendall'sHere at International Family Magazine we are aware of the growing families who adopt children both nationally and internationally. These families undergo such a rigorous journey to bring a family member home. Recently we spoke to a man who had adopted his daughter from India and went through years of paperwork almost to have it all fall through on her twelfth birthday as after 12, Indian children are not “adoptable”. The processes and rules for each country whether U.S. or International change all the time. We are not sure we could be a reliable information source for these families but we will work hard to do what we can. But as this one father shared on the telephone, “Knowing a magazine could help families to not feel so alone in their journey,” made us realize how important to collect as many stories about adoption as we can.

The following two families and stories are just the beginning of our International Adoption section of our magazine here at International Family. The Paleys and the Kendalls are such special people and talented writers.

Stories and translations

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Bringing Liana Home

A Collaboration by Carolee Hutton
and Cat Wayland

Thomas Kendall

The Kendall's

International Adoption and Racism

국제입양과 인종차별

The Paleys

The Paley's

Brown is Beautiful

God in a Pudgy Little Hand

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