Brody Hoffmanear world, here is my youngest.  I can only take credit with this young man for the basics.  He always had shelter, food, and love.  But he began in this world knowing exactly what he wanted from being left alone when he was tired, we nicknamed him  “Crash”, to deciding when he was driven to work, driven to play or ready to come home to rest.  He loves books as a way to see the world as he spends time alone, decompressing from the real world.  This is my balanced Global Citizen.  When we moved to Coral Gables he observed everyone, and carefully picked his first new friend. He tried out for JV  soccer and Cross Country and told me when he had been accepted on both teams. As the months grew, he picked two more amazing individuals that he would call friends and confidantes.  He then picked a  touring soccer team after school sports were done, and is now an amazing center back for Miam Real.   He asked to go back to South Carolina to connect and keep bridges with the friends he was raised with since 3 and once assured that those friendships were solid regardless of distance, he got in the car back to Miami and said, “Miami is home now, let’s go home.”  He amazes me daily.  The other week, he told me he had entered a foreign language competition to become better at Spanish in this bilingual world of Miami.   Again, I honored his wise and wonderful choice.  Here is the poem.  The world will see much of this global citizen someday.  I can only imagine what is next for him on his horizon.  Thank you God for letting me witness his magnificent journey.