Miracle Mile and Ponce De Leon the corner where charity reps are at work making miracles happen.
s I walk along my new home’s “Miracle Mile” the heart of Coral Gables with its local shops and restaurants and people just walking about with friends, couples, baby strollers to be out with the neighbors and locals, I am approached often by charity solicitors. Some people might find this bothersome, I find it more convenient than internet shopping. If I am not interested in the charity, I just say, “no thank you, but thanks for asking.” But I have said yes three times before 2016 ended because I didn’t feel that my charity card was full enough. What did I say yes to? Nature Conservancy, ASPCA and Human Rights Campaign. It was up close and personal . The solicitors didn’t seem paid to solicit any charity they were full fledged card carrying members of that charity and believed passionately in it. So in these days of tap tap tap, instead of talking to another human being and don’t think I judge I have many tap tap relationships that I wish I took more time with, but instead we talked – up close and personal. Let me tell you the tales of all three……just click on the charity and I will introduce the charity with my story….