Dear IF readers, as the charity rep from Nature Conservancy approached me, I probably frightened him with my broad smiled reception.  He probably thought “Oh no, a tree hugger, who will tell me stories of her latest recycling debacle with her neighbors, help me solicit other people for money, but walk away with my pencil!” But no, I actually feel lacking in my Earth efforts and listened to his pitch. I googled as he finished his pitch and did a little vetting of my own.  “Ok” I said, “Sign me up!” It was like wonderfully simple retail.  I got handed a device swipe for my credit card, signed and “presto” putting my money where I want it to go, and I just got my tax statement so the government will honor my decision to channel my tax dollars to places I would like the dollars to go.  I said yes to get on the information list and now get personal emails that “inform” me about their efforts and raise my awareness.  I really like this organization.  Enough said, check it out!!!!!!!!!!