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Dear International Family Magazine Readers,

t is Spring 2017,  and although Spring happens at different times in different parts of the world, it usually means the same thing – growth.  There is a rebirth and growth of plants, flowers, and animals come out of hibernation, migration occurs.  The world shifts.  The seasons remind me of family life.  There are cycles of repetition, the daily, the weekend, school, work, and holidays.  But there are moments of wonder and growth.  My own young sons have cycled into young men, and there is such growth in this occurrence.  As they became young men, their identities grew.  There was a fusion of the way we raised them, with the way they uniquely saw the world.  As much as I look in awe at a green bud popping on a branch of a tree, I wonder at my sons.  We all wonder at our family at times.  My sons are becoming who they were meant to be and I am seeing this as if for the first time.  And yet, I saw in each of them their uniqueness as babies as well.  The oldest never slept. The youngest we called “crash”.  The oldest loved to be surrounded by people all day, every day.  The youngest loved to sit with his things in his crib, and then go to socialize with friends.  In this IF magazine Spring edition, I am introducing some new charities IF mag has added to its portfolio. The Spring brings so much to us, that we can’t forget those who are in need of their growth and are struggling.   This Spring I get to watch my sons grow into young men who care about the world around them.  Jax and Brody have always attended International Baccalaureate programs since they were in 1st grade http://www.ibo.org/ .  It was a choice my husband and I made to raise our children with international awareness. In his 8th grade IB project, Jax and his friends looked around to see who was in need.  I was in awe of Jax and his friends.  I watched them at first hesitant to go out and ask for help in their community for the needy, and then love the interaction of asking and helping,   They collected can goods for a local shelter here in Miami. Brody has arrived to Miami taking seriously the community that has become his second home.  Miami is a mecca of international.  There are many cultures and languages spoken here.  There is a great many people speaking 2-3 languages.  The first language here could be debatably English or Spanish or arguably bilingually both.  Brody has been taking Spanish in his IB program since he was in 1st grade.  In sixth grade his level is such that his teacher asked that he present a poem in Spanish as a native English speaker presenting in his second language –wow!  This Saturday, March 18, Brody will present the poem “Se equivoco la paloma”.  His accent is wonderful.  My sons are becoming international citizens of their own choosing.  They now come to me with these projects and presentations.  Mama is no longer the conductor on their global trains.  This Spring is a moment in a mother’s life to watch her sons grow right in front of her in a way that I have wished for since Jax and Brody were little boys.  This spring, be still enough to watch those we love, their growth however small or large is a wonder.  Thanks for your readership,

Cat Wayland
IF mag Founder,
Editor and Owner


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