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Dear International Family Magazine Readers,

elcome to Fall! I love the words Fall and Spring. Yes, leaves fall and the seasons change. In the new year, new growth springs from the ground. But the words bring so much more to us than the environmental changes that happen around us. During the Fall months, many of us celebrate different versions of Halloween, Day of the Dead, El Dia de Muerte. These holidays bring back the dead into our focus to ponder, to mourn, to celebrate, to fear or be aware of one’s own mortality. So, in fact, the dead springs up out of the ground as the leaves fall. I will throw up a mother strategy that I have indulged in with my sons, I have heard that mothers are the best at guilt. Some will laugh with me at this and some will shake your heads and say, tsk tsk, that kind of guilt can really affect your children. I say ha! Now that I have teenagers that say things that can’t be put on television before 1 a.m., and then ten minutes later resort back to my babes in arms, and say, “sorry mama”, a little guilt their torturing teen souls can handle. So when my sons pull out their brutal guns of teen verbiage, I turn to them and say, “someday I will be dead, someday you will be looking at your dear mother in a satiny coffin if you go with satin, let’s go with purple, otherwise I would like a Viking funeral, a burning battle boat, but mind you the importance of the day will be that “I AM DEAD” and you will not be able to take these words back or say sorry. So be careful, because I only have so many forgiveness in me after washing your stinky shorts for the last 14 years!

I enjoy the Fall months. Although I am a tropical beach bum and my recent move to Miami is just what my turning 50 always cold self was screaming for – I like the level of cool that is a Miami Fall, light breeze sometimes as low as the upper 70s, that works for me. It is my favorite walking time. Spring is my favorite biking time. But Fall I wander aimlessly along streets I don’t know, down neighborhoods, enjoying the sparkling living lights that begin to adorn the doors, the lamp posts. I have been delighted by the global showcasing of neighborhoods that light up with great festivity. This IF mag looks at some of the Falls of our humanity. Cheryl Paley shares the fall of a mother’s solid ground. Maureen Coffey, lawyer, judge, shares the Fall of communication between two people that can end in lives changed forever. The story of Marta and her immigration from Cuba in the 50s, tells the story of the fall of innocence of a young girl of 15 looking for work in her new country of opportunity. We all Fall. We write songs for children about the famous egg that falls and breaks, the dancing of roses, “we all fall down”. We all Fall. I as many of you my readers, have fallen. Some of us see it happening and keep falling. Some of us, the Fall comes at us like a sudden trip over a crack in the pavement. But we all Fall. I like those that reassure us that it is not the Falling, but how we get up that creates our legacy. Those that have reassured me of this have lived life longer than I, they are my faithful elders.I hand their words to you dear reader. You will Fall. But when you get up, make it the dance of your life.

Cat Wayland
IF mag Founder, Editor and Owner
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