Here at International Family Magazine, we believe strongly in the storytelling from families around the world that will help to connect us all. It is our mission statement that the one thing that connects us all is the need for a safe, loving home. There are areas of the world and organizations that help those with needs beyond a simple story. We have worked to give money to these organizations and to build awareness of their special work. Please read and support as you can.

Our Mission

Our introductory online magazine was started from a simple idea. The idea of IF is that everyone in the world regardless of religious affiliation, ethnic background, sexuality or politics wants a safe and loving home at the end of the day. Maybe this commonplace could be a starting point for connecting with one another.

Our online magazine IF hopes to be informative, identifying, and humorous to those caregivers across the globe who work hard to create a family in our lives. It will be published in at least three global languages each issue. It will contain articles of interest, international factoids or Ifs, arts and humor, product coupons and consumer information, expert advice, a global directory for networking purposes, and other interactive elements.

Whether a mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, or grandmother, and grandfather. Whether in Korea, Argentina, India, America, or England. Whether single or single parenting, multi-cultural, gay or traditional – all people want to believe in the sanctity of their home life.

And so, our simple mission:

  • If we could see all humans as our extended family.
  • If we could recognize our oneness in the desire for a safe, loving home.
  • If we could see caregivers as superheroes.
  • If we could honor both chaos and dignity.