Negative thinking is frequent in many kids, especially those who are often sensitive and anxious. 

The fact is that all people, regardless of age and gender, are usually caught in negative thinking from time to time due to their negative prejudice.

Fortunately, science has demonstrated that we have a very effective method that may help kids not only reduce negative thoughts but also promote improved mental health, self-esteem, and confidence. This is to provide compliments for kids.

Why are compliments for kids important?

Praises for kids generate positive thinking: There are many questions about our brain in terms of many aspects, but now we have discovered much more than decades ago. Most mental health specialists would agree that the link between ideas, feelings, and behaviors is one of the most fascinating things we currently know about our brain and mental health.

So if you say nice things to your kids, they will have more positive thoughts about themself. As a result, the more positive ideas your children have, the better they will feel, And of course, they will have a great day!

Best compliments for kids

How to present compliments to kids?

Daily positive affirmations for kids to praise them

  • Good job
  • Well done
  • You’re doing great things.
  • Thank you for…
  • You did it
  • You have great ideas.
  • I am so proud of you!
  • You are very nice.
  • I like the way you try your best.
  • I like how your mind works.
  • You did that all by yourself? Amazing!
  • You’re creative.
  • You’re doing great things.
Best compliments for kids

Sayings to show your affections to kids

  • I love you. 
  • You are important.
  • I’m so lucky to have you.
  • I’m so glad you’re mine.
  • I believe in you!
  • Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.
  • I love being on your side.
  • You matter to me.
  • You are such a blessing to me.
  • You color my world.
  • You brighten my life.

How to compliment someone’s child?

Hearing compliments from others is sometimes way more effective to children’s growth than parents do. This is because they may feel proud of what they have done when being recognized by someone, not their parents. 

To praise kids of others, you can use some of the praise to encourage children when they finish great jobs. 

  • You amaze me!
  • You’re such a good girl/boy!
  • Great job!/ Good job!
  • It was nice of you to…
  • You are such a good footballer/ artist/ singer! 
  • You make my day!
  • Words of affirmation for kids to boost their confidence
  • You have such a big heart!
  • You have an awesome sense of humor.
  • You are intelligent.
  • You’re so special.
  • You’re fun.
  • You’re smart.
  • You’re beautiful.
  • You’re handsome.
  • You’re so trustworthy.
  • You are a joy.
  • You’re thoughtful. 
  • You’re amazing.
  • You’re awesome.
  • You set a great example.

Children’s positive affirmations for self-esteem

Besides family affirmations, self-affirmations are also important to kids’ growth.

Best compliments for kids

Why are positive affirmations for self-esteem essential?

Positive words of affirmation for kids build resilience and confidence

When we’re in high-stress states or places in our lifetime, it’s all too easy to fall into negative thought cycles.

It is good and necessary for your child to recognize and show their feelings. 

Moreover, when your child utilizes nice affirmations for self-esteem for themself, they physically reactivate the center control of the brain that solves problems, controls impulses, and emotional regulations. Quite incredible!

  • To boost confidence
  • I can help myself.
  • I can do it
  • I can try my best
  • I am becoming the best version of myself.
  • I can overcome anything
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am proud of myself
  • I can make a difference.
  • Today I choose to be confident.
  • I trust in my decisions.
  • For self-love
  • I am important.
  • Wonderful things are going to happen to me.
  • I am an original.
  • I am beautiful inside and out.
  • I have inner strength/ beauty
  • Good things are going to come to me.
  • I believe in myself.
  • I am proud of myself.

Self-esteem quotes for kids

In addition to praise and words of affirmation for kids, self-esteem quotes for kids are also valuable for kids. They help inspire and boost your confidence:

Best compliments for kids
  • “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle
  • “I delight in what I fear” – Shirley Jackson
  • “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller
  • “It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” – Oprah
  • “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” – John Wooden
  • “The more you give away the happier you become.” – Unknown
  • “Confidence is the willingness to be as ridiculous, luminous, intelligent, and kind as you really are, without embarrassment.” – Susan Piver
  • “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  • “Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong.” – Peter T. Mcintyre
  • “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe

Final thought

Hopefully, after reading this, you can get inspired by some phrases. Using the right compliments for kids in the right cases can bring in desired results. If you are interested in family quotes, you can read the article about blended family quotes.

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