Christmas is approaching faster than you thought, followed by the new year of 2021. Just so you know, these occasions are not only meant for enjoyable holidays but also amazing gifts and presents. It would be great if we can cherish our parents and requite their self-sacrifice. However, it is not normal gifts that we care about, but the gifts for parents who have everything!

Do Our Parents Really Have Everything? 

The term “everything” here is not defined as literally all means of fortune and wealth on Earth. In fact, the problem lies in our parents. They feel like they can live so well, so fulfilled a life that nothing appeals to them anymore. Asking them to name their dream gift should be in vain, to which the only answer is “We’ve had it all” or the same-same responses. 

In case they do know what they want, e-commerce platforms and shipping services will take responsibility from there. That’s why we need to find out a truly creative, outstanding, and meaningful gift.

This question seems to be a brain-twister. Christmas gifts for parents who have everything are usually expected to be the most unique, enough to impress your parents every time they use them.

That being said, you may skim through the whole encyclopedia and still have nothing in your mind. 

happy parents on a date
Your parents may not want any gifts other than living a fulfilled life with their dear children.

Possibly, the most effective solution is not extravagant merchandise. Instead, a gift that is special and caters to their personal taste will be a better alternative. The Industry 4.0 era has paved the way for a whole host of technology-advanced products that our parents have never imagined before, so why not take advantage of them?

Without further ado, let’s browse through our narrowed list of top favorite gifts for mom and dad who have everything. 

8 Amazing Gift Ideas For Parents Who Have Everything

1. An iPad or Kindle

These deserve to rank among the best gift ideas for retired parents. Usually, when they have some spare time, binge-watching TV is their only available choice. Therefore, an iPad or Kindle should make a lasting impression. 

However, new technology is not a familiar term to our parents. On the one hand, it is easy for them to get accustomed to the Kindle quickly. Amazon designed it with simple functions only meant for e-paper reading purposes.

On the other hand, an iPad is not as simple as that. Make sure you tweak the new iPad a little bit before your parents receive it. 

kindle or ipad as gifts for parents who have everything

Remove unnecessary apps and unwanted settings, especially the redundant ones that make it harder for your parents to get along. Next, download new stuff that you think they’d enjoy, like a virtual ebook library or streaming platforms.

Also, set up a new Gmail on the iPad, log it in as a secondary account on your own smartphone to keep the 2 devices synchronized. By doing this, you can access their iPad from afar and retrieve information to help them with service registration or privacy issues. 

Actually, things should be easier if your kids are always at their service. Once your parents unwrap the gift, the kids will be a good teacher to introduce “iPad 101” courses.

In short, keep the iPad as handy for everyday use as possible before having parents untie the gift ribbon.

2. Restored/Enhanced Old Pictures

You may have come across some pictures that capture important milestones of your childhood. It can be their wedding event, anniversaries, or an enjoyable family trip.

But how do we fix those photos that are covered with old and monochrome colors, not to mention scratches, even loss of details and clarity? 

That’s where picture restoration technology comes in. With imagery manipulation software, it is no longer a challenge to make your old albums come back to life with vivid colors. No more worries about them getting faded, creased or stained. The process of color restoration for an old monochrome photo will certainly amaze you.

color restored pictures
Modern image editing software can do a lot better than what you imagine.

If you have grasped some creative design skills, restoring old photographs should be a piece of cake. Otherwise, you can learn it yourself through a few easy steps.

First, scan your photos in an ideal size and resolution (by using a specialized machine, of course). Then, brush up by using contrast or sharpening tools to give it a fresher look. Removing dust and scratches need some texture filling and cloning functions. 

After all, note that it only works for basic enhancements, because a full colorization result requires more professional expertise. Lastly, print your favorite version, and voila!

3. Personalized Clothing & Apparel

Not a gadget or machine, but this is truly a go-to option of gifts for parents who have everything. A quote T-shirt can no doubt embody a loving message to show how much you cherish and care for your parents. 

In case you worry about limited stocks of tee designs, bear in mind that print-on-demand businesses are ready to serve. Whether it is a complicated graphic or quote sample, you can customize your shirt with your own variety of ideas.

No additional fees are charged for this process. The final price only consists of production and shipping fees.

family shirts as best gifts for parents who have everything

The same can be applied to adorable designs of pillows and doormats. These are the gifts that suit every season of the year. Feel free to choose the color, style, or font that matches your parents’ room decor. Make it so funny and memorable that your parents always put their minds at ease when looking at your pillow. 

4. Gift Cards & Tickets

Sometimes, your parents are too busy to enjoy rewarding experiences with their loved ones. Simple as it may sound, a couple of gift cards for a fancy downtown restaurant dinner can do a greater job than you thought.

Tickets to a sports match, concert, or theater performance – especially when famous celebrities are invited – are the cream of the crop. There’s nothing wrong if each parent has their own different interest, just devise separate plans for them to follow. Your father can have a great time at a Super Bowl opening ceremony, while your mother is having her most fulfilling moments with her grandchildren at a steakhouse. 

gift cards for parents

In the end, it’s all about spending time together and enjoying life to the fullest. Maybe the ideal plan should be the whole family coming to a local theater, listening to classical performances, or laughing out loud at an excellent comedy.

5. Smart Devices

AI Speakers

Digital speakers integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) are now gaining more popularity than ever.

Of all choices, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Echo are receiving top-notch reviews. Their smart voice recognition system can even pick a quarrel with the owner or have their own sense of humor. This is why Google and Amazon supersede other opponents when it comes to the virtual assistant competition.

It is as easy as pie to have a smart speaker set up alarms and daily reminders, or sync with other devices to remotely control them with voice. With the proliferation of technology nowadays, there will possibly be more and more compatible tasks for AI voice-control functions. What a perfect choice of gifts for parents who have everything, isn’t it?

amazon echo dot smart speaker
Smaller than a notebook, an Amazon Echo Dot can be a great companion in the house.

Smart Plug

Many people have missed this, but trust us, this is worth competing on the market of gifts for parents who have everything.

It is not only super easy to use but also a wonderful switch to turn your house into a smart home. All you need to do is plug it in another plug (like an overlapping layer) and give your orders.

However, this suffers from one downside: The plug must be wirelessly synced with a smart speaker to work properly.

This means that the speaker acts as an operational hub in charge of everything. Meanwhile, the smart plug will extend the network of appliances connected to the system. Hence, every other ordinary electrical appliance plugged into it can also become “smart” and voice-controlled through the speaker. 

smart plug for home

Key Finder Tag

Losing small kits and stuff, especially keys, can be a thorn in our side. As a result, a key finder tag is one of the most brilliant gifts for retired parents. 

In fact, you and your kids can use them as well. No more frustrated with finding out where you put the car key last night. With just a little “tile” attached to their keyring, phones, or whatever we want, it can emit a warning sound to alert your parents to the right position.

And don’t get anxious about these tiles’ durability over time, because they are waterproof and made from sturdy materials.

key finder tags for parents

6. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you live with your parents or not, cleaning the house can sometimes be exhausting. There’s no way you can stand your kids messing your beautiful carpet up with toys and stains. Probably, spending hours picking up stuff and vacuuming the floor would be the last thing to appear on your mind.

This can be tackled by just a simple solution, or device to be particular: A robot vacuum cleaner.

Integrated with an elaborately automatic system, this machine handles cleaning tasks in every nook and cranny of your house. Keeping your personal space neat will no longer be a thing you have to fuss about. Dust particles and debris? Obviously! Pet hair and paper scrap? No problem!

robot vacuum cleaner in house
Will robot vacuum cleaners win the first prize of best gifts for parents who have everything?

Thanks to sophisticated designs, robot vacuum cleaners nowadays can auto-manage the direction and suction power to perform their duty perfectly. The battery can last for about 100 minutes of running constantly, not to mention silent mode that prevents your sleep from disturbance under any circumstances. Also, the infrared sensor will help it follow the right track in the dark without making noise by colliding into other stuff.

7. Spinning Heart Love Box

This is a small machine connected to an app that sends and show messages. What’s fascinating about this love box is whenever you send a message from your smartphone, the heart shape will spin to alert them.

After your parents notice and open the box, your words will be displayed on the screen inside. They can even return a virtual response of love by manually spinning the heart, which transfers digital heart symbols to the sender’s screen.

Some may consider this a waste of money, but some may think of it as an excellent way to make your loved ones feel appreciated. If you have money to spare, this spinning heart love box is among the best gifts for parents who have everything but don’t know what really draws their interest.

spinning heart love box

8. High-tech Security Gadgets

Keeping our parents safe is the first and foremost thing we want to take into consideration, especially for ones who live from afar. Therefore, home security cameras integrated with cutting-edge technology should be the ideal gifts for parents who have everything.

Apart from online cloud storage that allows you to watch live footage anytime anywhere you want, it is also fine-tuned with a motion sensor. The sensor is responsive enough to detect abnormal activities, immediately set off an alarm, and send a warning to your smartphone. Besides, the camera is waterproof and usually has a 2-year battery life, much enough to make your parents feel at ease for a while.

wireless home security cameras

Another thing to install to your front door security system is a smart lock. Despite its price tag, it can monitor access to the house in an excellent way. 

Some work with an app’s activation button, some use voice recognition to trigger unlocking procedures, some require a virtual password from another synchronized device. What’s better is that a geofencing option can be turned on, preventing your parents from leaving the house without locking the door. Either of them can guarantee the top levels of home security nowadays.

smart lock for parents house

For example, a virtual 20-meter perimeter geofence means that if your phone is over 20m away from your house, the system will automatically lock your door. 

What if your parents are on a trip away from home and need a trustworthy neighbor to get in the house and feed the cats? No worries, you can now control some smart lock variations from anywhere through Wi-Fi. In the app, access schedules can be set for specific hours, and a detailed log is always available for you to double-check activity history. 

Your family is more special than others? Don’t forget to check out some inspirational quotes for Blended Families or Stay At Home Moms to show empathy and get to understand them better.

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